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Monday 6th August, 2018

Cavendish Venues teams up with Lee Summerfield Art this new season!

Inspired by the summer season, new activity at Cavendish Conference Centre has burst into life through the colours and paintings of Lee Summerfield Art.

Lee has been invited to present his paintings in the Whittington Site at the award-winning Cavendish Conference Centre where they will be seen by corporate clients and available to purchase immediately.


Lee studied art at college and went on to do a degree in English, later becoming a web designer with a top London digital agency, specialising in branding, designing and developing websites across 16 years as well as graphic and print design. There he worked on some of the world’s most famous brands as well working freelance, helping small businesses and start-up companies to get online and establish a brand.

Lee got started in business with his art after receiving a fantastic Christmas gift which was a set of paints that inspired him to dust off his easel and start painting again.

“Taking inspiration from things around me and, especially for the woodland walk series, I take photos on my phone while out walking. These serve as a starting point for each painting and I use heavy layers and textures to build up colour and form. I prefer to use acrylics, as they are faster drying, and I usually have at least two or three paintings on the go at any one time.

I build my paintings using a variety of different techniques. I begin by blocking in colour and once I’m happy with the basic form, I then start to layer colours with short heavy strokes, staying true to my Van Gogh influences. After a few sittings, I move into the final stage of flicking paint and colours into relevant places. This is where, in my opinion, the painting really comes to life.”


After Director of Sales Paul Martins met Lee at the London Hospitality Forum last year, they kept in touch and now the opportunity has arisen, this partnership can now kick-off the new season.

“You meet a lot of people at networking events and the Forum presented a number of opportunities. But what stood out from meeting Lee was the extent of his passion in his craft. Also being personable and showing enough attention to care about the impressions made – these are all elements synonymous with Cavendish Venues. Visiting Amsterdam last year reminded me of Lee’s inspiration from Van Gogh. That his collection engages his love of sport too just adds to his portfolio and appeal overall. I’m delighted Lee is working with us to bring colour and inspiration to our clients whilst providing a platform for their, his and our business talents to grow.”


You can find these paintings at Cavendish Venues and more of Lee’s work which can be purchased through Lee Summerfield Art here:

or contact Lee at:

Better still, why not arrange to see some works first-hand with a visit to bring colour to your events at Cavendish Venues – enquire now: or call 020 7706 7700.

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