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Friday 26th June, 2020

First ever all-virtual meeting held for LCS membership

On Tuesday June 16th, we were delighted to have many of our members join us for our first all-virtual members meeting.

With our annual FAM trip in March being the last time many of us saw each other in person (a lifetime ago now!), it was warming to see nearly two-dozen faces come together for a catch-up, discussions about the future of the consortium and a session on planning for a safe venue re-opening.

All of our businesses have been operating within the unknown since mid-March, so it’s exciting to finally be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. It has been a difficult few months and we really appreciated hearing how each of you and your venue team have found it. This is not a scenario any of us are familiar with so it’s not been straightforward to navigate, but we continue to be blown away by yours, and the industry’s resilience. The meeting started with a ‘Hello’ from each member followed by some insight into how each venue has been dealing with the impact of the pandemic, as well as what the near-future looked like for each. It was inspiring to listen to the range of experiences over the last few months.

After talking through everyone’s accounts, we welcomed Nick and Nigel from Parallel Notion who hosted a session for members: The 5 C’s to consider before opening your doors post-COVID. They talked through the crucial elements a venue needs to cover in order host safe events, and for delegates to feel safe attending them. Advice included core ways we’d need to re-think capacities, how to make sure delegates can circulate around venues safely, identifying pinch points and preventing congestion, what and when to communicate with delegates to make sure they feel comfortable and – in case the worst happens - having a containment plan in place, should someone be present at the event who later falls ill.

We were delighted to hear feedback from members on how valuable they found the session. Without guidance, it’s hard to feel confident each of us are taking the right actions to protect staff and guests at venues, so having an opportunity to learn and find some direction was hugely beneficial across the board.

For those who attended and would like a copy of the presentation from Parallel Notion, please get in touch with any member of the board and they will be happy to send it over to you.

To see a full list of LCS members, you can visit our venues page. London City Selection is a hand-picked collection of venues, hotels and event spaces within the City of London. Proudly, our members are all AIM accredited by the Meetings Industry Association and have a membership to the mia as part of their LCS membership. Learn more.

A selection of the finest venues in the historic heart of London

London City Selection is a hand picked group of amazing venue, event spaces and hotels located in and around the City of London.

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