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Monday 9th January, 2017

How I'm kicking the Janauary Blues

How I'm kicking the January blues

By event maker Melissa

Hello January. Here you are again, reliably rearing your head after the party season has ended like you do every single year.

JANUARY! When we hear the name of the first month of the year said aloud, we all know what springs to mind. The January slump, excess weight, clothes that don’t fit us and of course, the post-holiday blues. It’s not fair that the shops have all of these amazing sales on, yet we all have a serious lack of money and therefore cannot buy anything. Life is cruel in the first month of the year.

This year I have decided to adopt PMA (positive mental attitude) to get through January, and I am quite looking forward to see how this new found outlook works out for me. I am going to turn every negative I’ve said to myself about the month of January in to a great big positive:

  • 1.“I have no money”

This is a good thing, as I can finally take the time I need to chill out and do nothing. The best things in life are free anyway, so I don’t need money. My month is going to be spent by the fire catching up on all the films I recorded over Christmas, and spending time in the company of family and friends doing nothing - just talking, laughing and drinking lots of tea in our homes together.

  • 2.“I have put on weight over Christmas and nothing fits me”

This is perfect timing. It’s not as if I can get out of my gym membership for one month so with no money to spend going out, I can finally make use of the gym.

  • 3.“I feel lethargic and just can’t be bothered to do anything”

This doesn’t matter because I am going to be laying on the couch watching those films anyway, not to mention the energy I am going to gain from hitting the gym.

  • 4.“It’s freezing”

Did I mention that fire I am going to put on while I lay on the sofa watching those films with a blanket wrapped around me and a hot mug of Rosie Lee! I feel cosy just thinking about it.

  • 5.“The party season is over”

No it’s really not, it’s only just beginning. I have a diary with 365 blank pages to fill full of fun and parties.

Working in the world of events I have to forward plan for the year so I cannot get stuck on one month or one season. At present I am focused on summer parties and I am so excited to announce that this year our Gibson Hall summer party theme will be… An English Country Garden.

Menus and décor have been created and the flyers are almost ready to go out. I can already feel the warmth of the sun on my skin as I stand in our courtyard garden sipping on my Hendrick’s gin with sparkling elderflower and cucumber!

Have you thought about your summer party yet? If not, start planning now, it will give you something to look forward to. Come and visit us at Gibson Hall, the perfect summer party venue in London.

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