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Monday 16th February, 2015

London City Selection updates to a new website

Since its inception, the London City Selection (LCS) has always sought to provide the best possible quality of service to its customers.

With this in mind and with the ever-increasing requirement for information to be accessible anywhere, anytime; we have re-designed and structured an entirely new website to receive enquiries for our selection of first class venues within the City of London.

This new site is accessible on your PC/Mac, tablet and mobile device - all of which can receive venue enquiry submissions; either to all venues, or those selected in your Shortlist.

The LCS is now with you on-the-go; for enquiries anytime and to connect with on social media via Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter.

All of our Member venues are AIM accredited and have a variety of venue hire options for a wide range of meetings and events for you to host.

We hope you enjoy navigating through this exciting new platform for the London City Selection.

Our Members look forward to speaking with you soon regarding your event.

A selection of the finest venues in the historic heart of London

London City Selection is a hand picked group of amazing venue, event spaces and hotels located in and around the City of London.

With the perfect blend of historic and modern we have somewhere to suit every event from the smal...

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