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Monday 30th January, 2017

London City Selection Welcomes The London Capital Club

London City Selection is delighted to welcome the London Capital Club to its membership.

The London Capital Club is an exclusive private club catering to the modern business professional, with a reputation for excellence and personal service.

Whether you choose it to entertain socially, host a formal meeting or enjoy a leisurely meal with friends or clients, the London Capital Club is the perfect place.

In addition, there are ample opportunities for you to extend your social and business connections, not just within the City but internationally, through our 250 International Associate Clubs. Networking and social events are a regular feature of the Club’s events calendar.

London City Selection's hand-picked group of the finest venues located within the City of London continues to grow further, cementing the City of London as an excellent location for any event.

Keep your eyes open for more exciting new member announcements soon.

A selection of the finest venues in the historic heart of London

London City Selection is a hand picked group of amazing venue, event spaces and hotels located in and around the City of London.

With the perfect blend of historic and modern we have somewhere to suit every event from the smal...

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