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Friday 24th July, 2015

Lovely Ladies Day at Lingfield Park for our Prize clients!

Lovely Ladies Day at Lingfield Park for our prize clients!

Cavendish Venues were delighted that our prize winning client enjoyed their Ladies Day at Lingfield Park experience last weekend.

"We all had a wonderful time on Saturday! we had such a fantastic time - an easy drive to Lingfield Park, great service by all the staff there and an amazing champagne afternoon tea. I think the staff got most of their enjoyment from watching our excitement throughout the afternoon. I won on 6 out of 7 races! I was suprised and delighted to win the prize and will keep my fingers crossed that I'm lucky again in the future! Thank you again for the prize!


Thanks for the lovely feedback Susan and we look forward to welcoming you to Cavendish Venues again.

If you feel any of our special offers could add value to your events, make your enquiries now and we can be arranging a wonderful thank you incentive for you too!

A selection of the finest venues in the historic heart of London

London City Selection is a hand picked group of amazing venue, event spaces and hotels located in and around the City of London.

With the perfect blend of historic and modern we have somewhere to suit every event from the smal...

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