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Wednesday 27th May, 2020

What to consider before re-opening your venue post-COVID

London City Selection to host members webinar: ‘The 5 C’s to consider before opening your doors post-COVID’

With it being more than two months since the majority of venues closed their doors, there is still little guidance on how and when venues will be able to open. This is frustrating for all of us working in the industry, as there is still as much uncertainty about the future right now as there was this time in March.

So, as part of our commitment to support our members we have teamed up with Parallel Notion to bring you a virtual session on how to prepare your venue for a post-COVID world. Events being possible in the near future relies on two things: the confidence of organisers and attendees that going to an event – even a small one - is safe; and having the right precautions in place to ensure those attending an event know they are safe.

The problem is with so little guidance it’s near impossible to know where to begin. As many of you will already know, there are an enormous number of factors to consider. It seems as you think of one, five more become apparent (registration, catering, doors, networking, loos – the list goes on!). Parallel Notion are here to provide actionable advice and insight on the 5 C’s for safely re-opening your venue and hosting responsible events.

The 5 C’s are: Capacity, Communication, Congestion, Circulation and Containment.

Without government guidelines, they follow the guidelines produced by the Event Safety Alliance who go into detail about the health and sanitary issues venues could now face.

Parallel Notion have been formed in response to COVID-19 and aim to help businesses re-open safely. Their team experience ranges from handling the legality of health and safety, to spatial design, to project management. The online event will cover the five most important factors to consider for your venue, as well as outlining good practices for our strange new reality.

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